Southern African Bird Atlas Project 2

South Africa, eSwatini, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi

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Coverage summary: GEM Mpumalanga Subproject

Birdlife Lowveld’s latest atlasing SABAP2 efforts initiated by Sappi have shifted focus to Greening the Escarpment of Mpumalanga (GEM) project which incorporates all of Sappi’s properties. This area is immediately west of longitude 31 deg East and stretches from just north of Burgersfort southwards to Piet Retief including Dullstroom and Chrissiesmeer. The project is made up of 378 pentads and Birdlife Lowveld and Escarpment Bird Club (Dullstroom) continue their amalgamated efforts in turning all these pentads green. A total of 525 species have been recorded to date and this is an area, particularly in the south, where very few birders reside or visit and the coverage is extremely sparse. Most of the atlasing efforts in the past had been done by Peter Lawson to increase the provincial coverage and very few lists have subsequently been submitted. This is an area of rolling high altitude grasslands with much agriculture in the form of plantations and monocultures such as maize and soya. So this is an area that is not all that high up on any birders wishlist but no less important than anywhere else in the province in terms of coverage and potential presence of species of conservation significance.

Birdlife Lowveld committee member Jacques de Villiers co-ordinates the project.


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Please note that geoJSON files are mostly used by users of GIS software who want to do further analyses. For most users the coverage maps on the website will be sufficient, for example you can zoom in to see the specific pentad information. However, if you want to analyse the data in more detail follow these steps. First install a GIS programme such as QGIS (it is free). You will then have to download the species's geoJSON file under the species maps in the Downloads tab (for example for this maps data). The following short tutorial will then explain to you how to load the map into QGIS using the URL of the geoJSON page - Click here


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