Southern African Bird Atlas Project 2

South Africa, eSwatini, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi

a member of the African Bird Atlas Project

We would like to thank the following donors for their support of SABAP2 and BirdMap.

Organisations and Trusts

Rupert Foundation, Chris Brown, Isdell Family Foundation, BirdLife South Africa, Lawson's Tours and GC Jensen

Bird Clubs

Rand Barbets Bird Club, Lowveld Bird Club, Wakkerstroom Bird Club, BirdLife Free State, Cape Bird Club, Wits Bird Club, East Rand Bird Club, BirdLife Eastern Cape, BirdLife Inkwazi, Waterfall Bird Club and BirdLife Northern Gauteng

Honourable Mention

Eckhart Buchmann (monthly donations), Marc Solomon, West Coast Bird Club, Lee Howe and Prof. Peter Lor


Wouter de Vos, Philip Calinikos, Karin Wilson, Graeme Michael Berry, D Stojakovic, Paul Rollinson, Alan Whyte, Pieter Verster, John Fincham, KD Heyer, H Smit-Robinson, JC Carstens, T Vorster, Menno Stenvert, C Wilson, Johann Mey, D Wilcocks, J Du Plooy, M Langlands, M Moffett, D Stojakovic, Gerben van de Wetering, Carol Lippert, Pentland Resources , P Verster, Laurel Bloch, Peter Ginn Inge Shahia, Anthea Booysen, Birds and Bats, John and Ann Todd, M. Louise Reed, M Van Der Spuy, Chris Eastwood, Mark Divall, JC Carstens, RF Searle, Marilyn Hoole, Elba Swart, Renier Balt, D Ludlow, E Olivier, JC Carstens, Alan Stockhill, BJ Madden, Imran Vanker, Sally Perry, Chris Williams-Wynn, Chris and Helen Gregory, A Cousins, A Knott-Craig, Ben Espac, Graeme Berry, Amanda Bourne, Ingrid de Bruyn, A.Diarmuid Baigrie, Richard Salt and Chanan Weiss

* We have made our best effort to ensure all our donors are reflected on this page. If you have donated and your name is not listed, please notify us and we will add you to this list!

Donate to this important project

Add your name to this list! Donations large or small, monthly contributions or once-off would be appreciated. We would also value any suggestions of corporate or other sources of funding we could investigate. Send your suggestions to Hilary Buchanan at All donations will be eligible for a 18A tax certificate.

Donations can be made to the University of Cape Town via

Account Name: UCT Donations Account

Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa Limited

Branch name: Rondebosch

Branch code: 025009

Account Number: 071522387


Please use as reference: SABAP 426411 *surname of donor* and email proof of payment to Hilary Buchanan at

Or you can donate to the SABAP2 fund at BirdLife South Africa via EFT:

Account Name: BirdLife South Africa

Bank: First National Bank

Randburg Branch Code: 250655

Account Number: 62067506281


Or via PayFast at

Please use as reference: “initial&surname_SABAP2” and email the proof of payment to



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