Southern African Bird Atlas Project 2

South Africa, eSwatini, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi

a member of the African Bird Atlas Project

Atlas Stories and Reports



van Rooyen, Johan, 2024 Hessequa systematic atlasing: Summer 2023/24 report (REPORT - SABAP2)


Herselman, Tino, 2022 Hofmeyr/Tarkastad birding atlas bash 18-21 March 2022 (REPORT - SABAP2)

van Rooyen, Johan, 2022 Hessequa Bird Atlas Newsletter 4 – January 2022 (REPORT - SABAP2)

van Rooyen, Johan, 2022 Hessequa Voëlatlas Nuusbrief 4 – Januarie 2022 (REPORT - SABAP2)

Verster, Janelle, 2022 Karoo-Gariep Nature Reserve birding: A Northern Cape atlasing “record” attempt (REPORT - SABAP2)


Lee, ATK, 2021 Further Fuss in Vosburg (REPORT - SABAP2)

Carstens, Cassie, 2021 Turning the Amathole Mountains Green Stutterheim Atlas Bash (REPORT - SABAP2)


Pretorius, Tobie, 2020 Solo Bash (REPORT - SABAP2)

Vrey, Pieter, 2020 Atlasing Middelburg (MP) (REPORT - SABAP2)

Buchmann, Eckhart, 2020 Atlasing under lockdown: five olives, the corona-bird and other raptors (REPORT - SABAP2)

Hester, Andrew, 2020 KZN South Coast Christmas Atlasing (REPORT - SABAP2)

Marc Cronje, 2020 Lockdown Birding on the Pondarosa Ranch just outside Nelspruit. (REPORT - SABAP2)

Marx, Andre, 2020 Heuningvlei / Morokweng Atlas Bash (REPORT - SABAP2)

Boyce, Jason, 2020 Another big atlas card? (REPORT - SABAP2)


de Swardt, Dawid H, 2019 Atlasing the Leeuberg Pentads South of Bloemfontein (REPORT - SABAP2)

Archer, Tony, 2019 The "Bad" Pentad (REPORT - SABAP2)

Archer, Tony, 2019 Atlasing with sounds (REPORT - SABAP2)

Hester, Andrew, 2019 Birding Big Day 2018, A Single Pentad effort (REPORT - SABAP2)

Lee, Alan T.K., 2019 Atlasing South Africa from South to North: a family road-trip through South Africa’s National Parks (REPORT - SABAP2)

Reid, Donald, 2019 Winning Performance at Gouritsmond  (REPORT - SABAP2)

Tripp, Mel, 2019 Chat, chat, chat, chat, chat, chat, chat. (REPORT - SABAP2)


Boyce, Jason, 2018 A record breaking pentad! (REPORT - SABAP2)


Lawson, Peter, 2017 That Final Pentad : Turning Kruger Green Bird Atlas Project (REPORT - SABAP2)


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