Southern African Bird Atlas Project 2

South Africa, eSwatini, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi

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Data Management System (ver. 1.9.2)

(posted 16 October 2008, updated 21 August 2009)

Click here to download the latest BirdMAP Data Management System (ver 1.9.2). This is the custom designed software programme that allows you to capture, store and submit your data electronically to the ADU.

Please note: this is the full installation (approx. 32MB) and will only be suitable for Broadband/ADSL users.

Click here to download the DMS Instruction manual (ver. 2, PDF 515 KB)


Data Management System (ver. 1.9.2) - 64bit BETA

The beta version of the 64bit compatible DMS is available to those of you who have 64 bit machines.

1) Download and Run the AccessDatabaseEngine.exe (here) file first, and follow the onscreen instructions.

2) Download and Run the sabap2_x64.exe file ( here) to your harddrive.

3) Open 'My Computer' and find the folder C:\ADU\Install. Run the setup.exe file to install the DMS.

As this is a beta test copy, please let me know of any issues and problems that you find.


Data Management System - Manual

Click here to download the latest DMS Instruction Manual for use with ver. 1.8.0 and above (PDF 515KB).


Species list update

You will need to ensure that your DMS is closed before running the download. Upon re-opening the DMS the update should reflect in the species list.

English list (60KB)

The latest update now highlights Red Data species, and is based on the latest Red Data book (published in 2000)

Afrikaans list (62KB)

If you prefer to use Afrikaans species names then run this installation which will replace your existing English species list with an Afrikaans species list.


Excel Spreadsheet

Download the Excel spreadshet to use for data capture if you cannot use the DMS or website. Download

Logo update

This download will correct the error loading the logos into the printed field sheets.

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